All You Need to Know as a New User

All You Need to Know as a New User

Welcome to the Knowledge Base! We've gathered together all of our best help videos to get you started with creating records all the way to your first mobile inspection. Below, you'll find links to the articles that will guide you through the system as a new user of CleanTelligent. They are best if you follow them in order, but feel free to jump to the articles that you want to explore first! To begin, get a feel for the way CleanTelligent is organized by watching our CleanTelligent Overview video. Then you can move on to the more detailed work!

Always start with a good understanding of the organization within your company and the clients. The SP organization chart helps pair your employees to the locations they are in charge of, while the Client organization chart will help you pair contacts with their respective locations. 
  1. Build a Basic Service Provider Organization Chart
  2. Build a Basic Client Organization Chart
Once you understand the organization charts, you can get started with entering in all of your clients, locations, contacts, and employees.
  1. Create a Client Record
  2. Creating a Service Location Record
  3. Create a Contact Record
  4. Creating an Employee/Contractor Record
Now that all of your client and employee records are setup, a final step to being ready for inspections is creating a job template and assigning it to your location(s). Then you can start with your inspections!
  1. Create a Job Template
  2. Perform a Mobile Inspection
After you finish inspections, your system might be set up to turn the results into work orders. Our work order system functions a lot like email.
  1. Work Orders Overview
If you've also purchased access to the Business Intelligence Dashboards, check out these videos. The Dashboards will help you see at a glance how your company stands and where you can improve.
  1. What is Business Intelligence?
  2. What do Business Intelligence Dashboards Tell Me?
  3. What is Visualizer?
We hope that this collection of videos will help you get started on your road to running your company with CleanTelligent! To see more videos, explore the sidebar!!
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