Average Inspection Scores Comparison

Average Inspection Scores Comparison


Welcome to CleanTelligent’s guide to the Average Inspection Scores Comparison report.

The purpose of the Average Inspection Scores Comparison report is to give you an overview of how many inspections were performed at each service location in a given date range, and the average score percentage of those inspections.

To begin, click on the Reports tab. Go to the section called Inspection Reports and then click on Average Inspection Scores Comparison.

On the left hand side, you will choose the Criteria for what you want included in the report.

By default, the Locations selection is the first criteria you will choose. We’ll be Selecting All for this report.

Above the Locations, you can choose your desired date range. The report will automatically assign the current month for the report, so make sure to change the date range to when you want to see. Next, on the bottom of the window, we can define our inspection details we want to include. In most cases, you can just use the default settings to get the data you need.

Now click Run Report. Now you can see the amount of inspections performed and the average score of those inspections for each of your locations. You can adjust the data we entered by clicking the Criteria button. Or you can export the data by clicking the Export Spreadsheet button.

Now you have the tools you need to run the Average Inspection Scores Comparison report.

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