Create a Job Template

Create a Job Template

Video Transcript

In this video we’ll be going over how to manually load and create a job template in CleanTelligent. 
To begin, go to the Admin tab. In the first section, select Job Templates; then click New Job Template to the right.
This screen gives us a couple of options. If there is a job template in the system already that you’d like to use as a base, you can select a template from the Load A Job Template drop-down. This option will clone that job template, allowing you to add or delete certain services or areas. This is a great option for when a template mostly fits your needs, but just needs a few changes to specifically fit a new location.
If you prefer to start from scratch, simply start with a name under Main Information and proceed to the next step without selecting a template from the drop-down. For the purposes of this video, we’ll be loading a job template for banks and we’ll edit it for our Best Local Bank client.
Once you click Save, you’ll be taken to the page where you can edit your template. From this point on, it’s important to know that every change will automatically be saved for you. If you have loaded a job template to work with, you’ll see those services listed towards the bottom of the page. You’ll notice that you have the option to remove individual services and even entire areas from your template.
Whether you chose to load a template or create one from scratch, the process for adding services is the same. As you fill out these fields, please note that any field with a red tab is required. Select or create a Service, Area, Frequency, Function and Custom Rating template that fit your needs, then click Add. The new service will appear below in the area you put it in.
When you’ve finished editing the template, click Next. Select a job template frequency if you wish, or leave it at None, then click Finish. Your new job template is complete, and you can assign it to your locations.

Steps to Create or Load a Job Template

In order to perform an inspection, a location needs at least one Job Template. A Job Template lists the areas and services that need to be performed and rated in the inspection. Creating a Job Template manually can be time consuming, so we suggest learning the process to Import a Job Template for larger templates, or follow the steps below to Load a Job Template.

Create a Job Template from an Existing Template

Most systems have some generic job templates already. You can use these as a starting point for creating new templates by Loading the Job Template. Loading a job template is like copying an existing template to create a new one that can be edited to make a new one.
To create a new Job Template from an existing template, start by clicking the Admin tab. In the Job Configuration section, click Job Templates. To the right above the list, click New Job Template

At the New Job Template screen, use the Job Template drop-down list to select the existing template that you want to copy and edit.

Using the Main Information box, enter a name for the new Job Template that will be created from the loaded template. Click Save.

On the next screen, you’ll see your loaded template with its areas and services, as well as the Add Job Service box.

Using the drop-down lists in the Add Job Services box, you can add new services to the template. You can also scroll down to remove individual services or whole areas. After making any changes, click Save. The new template can now be assigned to new or existing service locations.

Create a Job Template without Loading

For simpler Job Templates that may have few areas and/or services, and isn’t based on an existing job template, you can create a Job Template from scratch.

From the Admin page, click Job Templates in the Job Configuration section. Click New Job Template. Without selecting a template from the Load a Job Template drop-down list, enter a name for your new template and click Save. On the next screen, using the Add Job Service box, you will add the services and areas one at a time.

For more help on creating job templates, contact us at or call at 801-874-3443.
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