Create a Custom Work Order Status

Create a Custom Work Order Status


The Work Order Status (displayed as W.O. Status) is a way to give updates on work orders to your employees and clients. For example, I can change this work order from Open to In Progress, or Completed, if I’ve finished it.

You can also create your own custom statuses. Go to the Admin tab, under Work Order Configuration, and select Custom Work Order Status. Click New Custom Work Order Status. We can put in things like Received or Billing for the Name. A Description isn’t required.

Visible to Client means the status can be seen by the client contact when he or she logs in. Otherwise, this status will remain as internal only for our employees.

Counts as Completed means the work order is finished and will be filed away into the history when this status is selected.

Automatic Filing Option means a work order can automatically be labeled as something such as Billing right after the work order is created.

An Email Code can be applied to replies to email notifications. For example, I can make the email code “received.” Whenever I send a reply from my own work email, and include “received” in the message, the system will recognize that key word and automatically change the status to Received.

The Origins tell us who created the work order. It can help organize the inbox. If we select Client Origin Type, the Received status will always be an option for client-created work orders. We can also create specific statuses for only completed Inspection Work Orders or work orders created by the Job Schedule module.

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