Create a Mobile Work Order

Create a Mobile Work Order

Video Transcript

In this video, we’ll go over how to create a work order in CleanTelligent’s mobile app. 
Start by opening your CleanTelligent mobile app and signing in. To create a new work order, tap the New Work Order button. Alternatively, you can tap the envelope icon, then tap the plus button in the upper right-hand corner.
Here, you can choose if you want to make this work order internal by tapping the check mark next to Internal Work Order. New work orders are external by default, so if you don’t want your client to see it, make sure to mark the Internal option before you proceed. For this video, we’ll make an external work order.
Next, select the service location this work order will apply to. You also have the option to use sublocation and section filters and a priority filter, but these are not required.
Now you’ll select the type of work order based on the criteria in Message Types, if applicable. Then we choose which active contacts and employees we want to send it to.
Finally, we put in the actual work order. This is organized just like an email, with a subject line and a message body. You can also include an Internal Note that only you and your employees will be able to access. Below, you can add a due date as well as attach any pictures or other files you may need. Click the little arrow in the upper right corner to send the work order.

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