Create a Module Permission Template

Create a Module Permission Template

Video Transcript

Module Permission Templates are used to keep permissions uniform for multiple employees or contacts, ensuring that people of similar positions have the same access. It also helps you manage costs for HR users.
To begin, go to the Admin tab. Click Module Permission Templates in the Organization Configuration section.
Here you’ll see existing and pre-made module permission templates. To create a new one, click New HR Template or New Contact Template on the right-hand side of the screen. In this video we will create an HR Permission Template.
Name your template and add a description if desired. For example, you can name the template after a position or type of user.
Below, you’ll find the list of permissions in their sections. Clicking on the individual section will show you all the permissions available to an HR user. Clicking on the drop-down menu will give you access options for that permission. Each section has plenty of information, so go through them carefully.
When you’re finished, click Save.
Now when you create a new user, you’ll have this template available.

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