Create a Service Location Record

Create a Service Location Record

Video Transcript

Welcome to CleanTelligent’s instruction guide to manually creating service locations.
To begin, hover over the Locations tab and select New Service Location from the drop-down menu. You can also click the Locations tab and click New Service Location to the right above the results list. Please note that the red tabs indicate required fields that need to be filled out.
Click on the Client drop down list and select the client that this service location belongs to. All Service Locations must belong to a Client that already exists in the system. Fill out the location Name.
You can fill out the rest of the location’s information, like the address or their phone number. Don’t forget to put in the correct time zone if it differs from the SP default.
Finally, we need to assign this location into the appropriate SP and Client Org. chart divisions. These should be set up before we create this record. Click on the drop-down that says Client Division and select where you want this in your Client Org. chart. Now go to the drop-down next to SP Division and select the appropriate division there. Finally, click Save.
Now you have your service location record that you can review and begin using.

What is a Service Location Record?

Service Location Records hold the information about specific locations that belong to a Client. All Service locations must have a Client to belong to first. For example, if you clean two different office buildings owned by the same property management company, the Client Record will be for the property managers, then each building will be set up under different Service Location records that belong to the client.

How to Create a Service Location Record

Start by hovering over the Location Tab and click New Service Location. You can also click the Location tab and click New Service Location above the search results list. 

On the New Service Location page, required fields are flagged with a red tag. The Client selector, Name, Phone Country, Client Division, SP Division, and Time Zone are each required, but additional information can be included, like a phone number, notes, location specifics, and the address. Once you select the Client this Service Location belongs to, the system auto-fills the location name (as a copy from the Client Record), address, and Time Zone. Each of these can be changed if they are different from the Client Record.

Remember to double check the SP Organization Chart to know ahead of time where you’ll be placing this record. If a new division is required, it will need to be setup before creating the Service Location Record. For more information on the SP. Org. Chart, see our article Build a Basic SP Organization Chart in the Knowledge Base.
The Client Division refers to the Client Organization Chart, which works similarly to the SP Org. Chart, but it separates out your Contacts and the locations they can see. Learn more about the Client Org. Chart by reading our article Build a Basic Client Organization Chart in the Knowledge Base.
 Review the information you’d like to enter for your Service Location before clicking Save to create the record. You’ll be taken to the newly created Service Location Record. 

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