Create a Web Work Order

Create a Web Work Order

Video Transcript

In this video, we will create a work order in CleanTelligent’s web app.
To begin, log in to CleanTelligent and go to the Work Order Inbox. From here, we can create a new work order by clicking New on the right-hand side of the screen, or by selecting New Work Order from the drop-down menu under the Work Orders tab. You’ll notice that you have options for both a New Work Order, used for creating external work orders that contacts will see, and a New Internal Work Order. This video will cover the process for creating an external Work Order.
After clicking the New Work Order button, we are taken to a new screen. Select the service location this work order will apply to. Then, select the contact user or users who you want to see this work order. 
Below, we’ll fill out the subject and body of the work order the same way we would with an email. We also have the option to add an internal note—something just for employees, that contact users will not see.
We have the option to add a due date and a picture or file here. Please note that checking this Internal box will hide only attachments from contact users, leaving the rest of the message visible to them. If you want to make your attachments are internal, be sure to check the internal box before adding them.
When we’re finished, we’ll click Submit. This work order will now show up in your Work Order Inbox as well as all the users you selected above.

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