Custom Questions for Inspections

Custom Questions for Inspections

Today we’re going to learn how to create a custom question template to be added to inspections.

First, we need to go to our Configuration page by hovering over Admin, selecting Configuration, and then scrolling down to Custom Question Templates under Other.

This opens to your Custom Question Template Search window. You’ll see any custom question templates that are already in the system listed below. We want to create a new one that will be added to inspections.

Click on New Custom Question Template.

Type the name of the template in the Main InformationName box. Mine is for security questions, so I’m going to name it “Required Security Questions for Inspections.” Next, check mark by Inspectionunder Per Service Location.

Now let’s put in the questions. I only have two, so this will be easy. Scroll down to Questions and by Add Question of Type, select Radio. This will give us the options for the answers to be selected by radio button.

In this new window, at the top, type in your first question by Question Prompt. For example, mine is, “Did you lock all exterior doors?” I type that in. Then make sure that by Is It Required that you have Yes selected, as these are questions that require answers at each inspection.

Under Options, by New Possible Answer, add in the possible answers. Ours are Yes or No, so I type that in and select Add Possible Answer after creating each one. (You can see in the Preview below what this will look like to the inspector.) If this is satisfactory, then click Save at the top or bottom of the screen. If not, then edit what you need to and save.

It takes you back to the Custom Question Template window. We still need to add one more question, so scroll down to Questions at the bottom and again select Radio by Add Question of Type. Then add the other question, with the same parameters if it’s the same. (Ours is “Did you turn all lights off?”) Save this too.

You see your questions now show up at the bottom of the page. Now hit Save. It now shows you the template name and its main information. Here is where you will assign it to the service locations where you want this to show up. Click Assign to Service Locations.

If you know you want this to show up on every locations’ inspection, keep Automatically Assign This Custom Question Template to New Service Locations check marked at the top. If not, uncheck this now.

Now click on all the service locations that you want this to apply to when their inspection is being performed. I know that I want this on every inspection we do, so I need to attach it to all service locations. So, under Add Service Locations, click in the box to check mark under All Service Locations. Then hit Save and you’re done! You’ve now attached this template to all service locations so that when they’re inspected, these questions must be answered.

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