Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Video Transcript

Your employees and contacts within CleanTelligent can receive email notifications when certain events happen. The steps for setting up notifications for an employee and contact are similar, they just have different events listed. In this video, I’ll cover how to set up notifications for an employee.
Let’s start out by clicking the HR tab and clicking the name of the employee to open their record. When you scroll down through the record, there is a box for Email Notifications. It’s not often, but some employees might want different notifications sent to different email addresses and you’ll see their extra emails listed here. In this example we only have one email address. Click Edit in the Options column or click the Notifications button next to their email address in the Main information box.
If you have an Email Notification Template, select it here in the email information box and click Save. These templates help you quickly assign different notifications to your team depending on their access or positions. If you don’t have any templates, or you want to manually configure the notifications for your employee, leave this selection on the first option and click New below.
In the expanded box below, you’ll see a list of the different events that can create notifications. 
Maggie is a supervisor over a team that cleans multiple buildings. She needs to know when work orders come in, any replies, and when they are closed. She is also in charge of performing inspections and wants copies of those sent to her email.
We’ll select the appropriate notification events for her in the work order section and inspection section before we click save.
For more details about the events your team can be notified of, see our Email Notification Templates article in the Knowledge Base.

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