Email Notification Templates

Email Notification Templates

Video Transcript

For this video, we’ll show you how to create an Email Notification Template that can be assigned to multiple people, ensuring that everyone is equally informed.

Start by clicking the Admin tab to get to the Service Provider Configuration settings page. Click Notification Templates in the Organization Configuration section.

You can create a notification template for both HR users and Contact users. Let’s start with a template for our employees by clicking New HR Notification Template. For this example, we’ll create a template for supervisors who need to be notified of work orders and inspections submitted for their locations.

Click New to begin. Our supervisors need to know when new work orders come in, and when someone replies to an existing work order. Put a check mark next to the four (4) following options in the Work Order section:

  1. A new Message is created (Externally)
  2. A reply is added to a message (Externally)
  3. A new Message is created (Internally)
  4. A reply is added to a message (Internally)

Supervisors also need to know when inspections are submitted. Put a check mark next to the first option in the Inspections section:

  1. An inspection is completed (Internally/Externally)

These are all the notifications we want our supervisors to have. We’ll Save the template so we can begin assigning it to our supervisors. Now that we see the template in our list, we can see the type and description for quickly finding the notification template in the future.

To assign this notification template to all our supervisors, click Assign in the Action column. This screen shows a list of your employees and whether they have a template already assigned to their email. Some users could have multiple email addresses. If that’s the case, their name will show up for each email address. In the Positions column, we can easily see who our supervisors are. Place a check mark next to each of our supervisor’s email addresses then Save to assign this template to them.

We’ve now assigned a notification template to our supervisors so we can guarantee that they are all receiving the same notifications for their locations. You’ll follow similar steps when you create and assign a contact notification template. For a full explanation of the notifications available for both employees and contacts, read the accompanying article with this video. If you are having trouble or have questions, email us at or call at 801-874-3443.

HR Notification Templates

Delays, Blackout Times, and Override

Generally, this section is unused for most people in your organization because most employees should be notified immediately when work is done or work orders come in. However, in some cases, employees might want their notifications delayed. In this section, you can delay notifications or create a blackout period when no notifications will be sent to them.

Work Order Events

The first section of notification events are for work orders. Some of them repeat for external and internal work orders. External means it comes from a client Contact outside of your organization/company. Internal means it comes from someone within your organization/company or is auto-generated from the SP.

The first few events have to do with the work order inbox. The most common events to be notified of are a new work order and a reply to a work order. For companies who have employees or contacts emailing into the system to create work orders, some emails may not be sent or sorted correctly and end up in the Catchall. Most often, the notification for this event is limited to top employees in your organization or people who have been given access to the Catchall.

The final three notifications relate to due dates on work orders.

Inspections Events

There are two options to be notified of Inspections. There is a warning accompanying the first event stating: "If your company uses the inspections Generate Work Orders' option then a notification for that work order will be generated from the 'A New Message Is Created' notification even. Selecting both this option and that one may result in you receiving two notifications for an inspection." This warning means that if your system creates a work order from submitted inspections and you are already being notified of a new work order, you will receive two separate emails: one for the inspection and one for the work order. Most often, you'll want one or the other!

Job Schedules Events

These notifications are both for events that are added to a service location event calendar. If your company has work orders created from scheduled events, you most likely won't want theses selected for your notifications or else you'll get double notifications. 

Survey Events

When a contact completes a survey, you can have your employees notified. You'd select either of these notifications if your surveys do not create work orders. If completed surveys create work orders, you can select the notification for new work orders.

Misc. Events

Most systems do not use the Inventory module, so these won't be useful for most, but the final notification in this section would be a good one for Administrative users who want to be aware of when employees unsubscribe from receiving emails from CleanTelligent.

Message Types

Contact Email Templates

Blackout Period

Contacts can select a time where they do not receive notifications from your team. In this section of the notification template, a blackout period can be created.

Messages Events

Work orders are called Messages for your contacts. These notifications can be sent when different events with work orders happen. The most common notification evens for contacts are: A new Message is created (externally), A reply is added to a message (externally), A Message is created (internally), and A reply is added to a message (internally).

Internal and External from a contact's perspective is opposite from the Service Provider's perspective. Think of it this way: Internal = my team, External = their team. As the Service Provider setting up notifications for a contact, you'll need to put yourself in their shoes to remember that internal will be their team, and not yours.

Locations Events

Inspection, job schedule, and inventory notifications are in the Location section. Most often, contacts want to be notified of inspections at their locations. The notifications can either let them know an inspection was completed, or inform them of the inspection plus and deficient scores.

Survey Events

If your company uses Client or Mobile surveys, you can send notifications to your contacts when they are submitted. Keep in mind that if submitted surveys create work orders, they only need one notification for the Message creation or the Survey completion, but not both.

Message Types

Message types can be set up for work orders. If you company is using them, you can limit a contacts inbox view to select Message Types. By limiting it here, you are selecting which message types the contact will receive notifications for.
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