FAQ: Inspection Users

FAQ: Inspection Users

Q: How do I perform an inspection on the app?

A: Follow the instructions in our guide Perform a Mobile Inspection

Q: How do I perform an inspection on the website?

A: Follow the instructions in our guide Perform a Web Inspection

Q: What reports can I run on inspection data?

A: In the app, we have some limited reporting capabilities for reports on the fly, check out Mobile Inspection Reports to learn about those. A greater variety of reports with more details can be found on our website. Inspection Reports Overview will give you a high-level look at some of our default inspection reports.

Q: Are there inspection dashboards?

A: You can find inspection details in our business intelligence dashboards. What Is Business Intelligence? and What Do Business Intelligence Dashboards Tell Me? are some great resources for you to get familiar with our dashboards.

Q: Why isn't my inspection data isn't showing up in the inspection dashboard?

A: When you've completed an inspection sometimes there is a delay before it will show up in the dashboards. Our dashboards are updated every 24 hours. If it has been longer than that, you may need to check the filters that are being used on the dashboard, clear cache and cookies, or else Submit a Ticket to our Product Support Team.

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