Filing Type Tracking by Month Report

Filing Type Tracking by Month Report

In this article, we go over the Filing Type Tracking by Month report within CleanTelligent. As a pre-requisite to this article, please check out the article Using Filing Types

The Filing Type Tracking by Month report is used to track what filing types have been used over a period of time. The report will include all work orders viewable by a given employee and provide a line graph. The usefulness of this report is that you can easily view trends over a long period of time.

The Filing Type Tracking by Month report can be found by clicking on the Reports tab and scrolling down to the Work Order/Message section.

Before we get started, let’s familiarize ourselves with some terminology.


  1. Work Orders/Messages – Work Orders and Messages are a means of communicating with your employees and clients within CleanTelligent to request work to be done or to report on progress made. Work Order is the term used internally for HR users and Message is the term used externally for your clients’ contacts. Since this article is meant for HR users, we will be using the term Work Orders in this article.
  2. Output Type – Several of CleanTelligent’s reports include the option to select an output type. The most common options when this is available are PDF or MS Excel. 
  3. Selection Criteria – In many reports, you can customize the information provided in the report by utilizing the Selection Criteria. This allows you to limit the report by client, individual service locations, SP divisions, client divisions, employees, or just select all.

Report Settings

In addition to the standard selection criteria, the Filing Type Tracking by Month report requires some additional information to generate the report.

  1. Output Type – The only output type available for this report is PDF
  2. Message Filing Type – This will allow you to select all filing types or just one specific filing type.
  3. Employee/Contractor – You will need to select one person from whose perspective the report will generate. This means, if you want to see a report with all the work orders included then you will need to select someone who can see all the work orders in your SP. Usually, the admin user in the default level is a good one to select or Technical Support.
  4. Start Date and End Date – Since this report is broken out by month, it is a good idea to incorporate multiple months in your date range. Often this report is used for quarterly, semi-annually, or annual reporting.
  5. Display Service Location List – Usually left unchecked, selecting this option will print out a list of all the service locations included in the report.
Once you have made your selections for the settings, be sure to choose your Selection Criteria. In this example, we have selected the National Grocery Client.

Once this is complete you can click Save Report so you can easily run the report again at a later date and you can also click View Report to generate the pdf.
**Note** If the report includes a large amount of data, it may take some time to generate. If this is the case, only click view report once and let the system process the report.

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