Filter Work Orders

Filter Work Orders

Video Transcript

Some users end up having a lot of work orders in their inbox at one time. Being able to quickly locate one is useful. To do that, you can use the filters to find one or more work orders. To use the filters, click the Show Filters button.
The first filter is our basic search with field options to choose from, shown below. You can type anything in this search bar, and it will bring up all that apply.
The next filter is used to find work orders with a certain work order status. These options will depend on the statuses you create. Needing to see Open or Completed work orders is pretty common.
These are the Client and Service Location filters, used when you need to see work orders for a specific account. You can type the name in this field, or you can scroll through the list.
Notice I’m clicking on the Clear Filters button each time I want to make a new search.
Next, we have the Last Updated By filter which will show work orders that were last changed by a certain person. This can be employees or contacts.
And finally, we have the Date filter. You can go by the date it was initially created, when it was last updated, or by the due date it was given.
Underneath each filter, we have an Invert checkbox. If you check that box, it will show everything except what you have selected in that filter. So, if I choose Open in the Work Order Status filter, then check the Invert box, it will show me all work orders without the Open status.
We also have our Advanced Filters. In here is where you’ll move between the Inbox and History. There are also filters to see certain Priorities, Message Types, and work orders from different Origins, like inspections or surveys.
You can use multiple filters at a time to help you find one or more work orders. These filters should help narrow things down in order to find what you’re looking for.

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