Importing Employees/Contractors

Importing Employees/Contractors

Video Transcript

This video is to show how to import employees or contractors into CleanTelligent.

This is the Employee/Contractor Import spreadsheet. If you do not receive this spreadsheet from a CleanTelligent representative, you can also find it in the system by clicking the Admin tab, scroll down to the Other section, and click on Import. You can find all import files here, but you’ll choose Import Employees/Contractors, then Sample Import Template to open the spreadsheet.

Let’s go back to the spreadsheet I had in the beginning. I’ve entered a few example employees with the required information in order for it to be successfully imported. Column titles in bold are required. I’ve also filled out Email column. Even though it’s not required, it will be crucial in order to give your employees access to CleanTelligent or allow them to receive notification emails. The Division and Position refer to the SP Org Chart, which was covered in a different video. 

When you’re done filling out this spreadsheet, you’ll want to save it to your computer.

The next step I’ll be going over is how to complete the import. Return to the Import page. Click Choose File, select the file where you previously saved it, and click Upload. On this page, the fields will auto-populate with the column titles from the spreadsheet. If this does not occur, simply match the fields with the corresponding names in the template.

Once all the applicable options have been selected, click Continue. If everything looks correct on this page, click Import. After uploading, you will be able to find their info under the HR tab.

Importing from Start to Finish

Employees and Contractors are either the employees of your company or a contractor you work with to clean and/or manage your clients’ service locations. Importing these records is especially useful when you are either just starting off in CleanTelligent, want to expand your use of CleanTelligent, or have recently hired several new employees/contractors. If you only have a couple of employees/contractors who need access in CleanTelligent then it will be faster to create them in CleanTelligent without importing. For a refresher on creating an employee/contractor view our video Create an Employee/Contractor Record

Import Template

Download Template File

To find the import template, start by going to the Admin tab, then click Import in the Other section.

In the Import list, click Import Employees/Contractors. From the first import screen, click the Sample Import Template button to download an Excel file with the proper headings to aid in getting started on your import.

Template Requirements

In the template file, the column titles that are bold are required. They are the First Name, Last Name, Division, and Position

Each of the columns holds different information. Below is a brief description of each:
  1. First Name – First name of the employee/contractor. This field is required
  2. Last Name - Last name of the employee/contractor. This field is required
  3. Level – The name of the level in the SP Organization Chart where the Division you are assigning the employee/contractor to. This is not a required field, but if something is entered, it is case sensitive and must already exist within CleanTelligent.
  4. Division - The name of the division within the SP Organization Chart where you want to place this employee/contractor. The Division must exist within CleanTelligent already. This field is required and case sensitive.
  5. Position – The position type for the employee/contractor. The Position must exist already within CleanTelligent and be set up as an employee/contractor position. This will correspond to any job schedules for the position on the service locations the employee/contractor can see. This field is required and is case sensitive.
  6. Email – The email address of the employee/contractor. While this field is not required for the import, if the employee/contractor needs to login you will need to fill in this field.
  7. Area Code – The three-digit area code.
  8. Phone – The remaining phone number after the three-digit area code.
  9. Extension – the three or four-digit extension.
  10. Address – The street address and suite for the contact. Don’t include city state or zip code. If entered, the City, State and Zip Code will be required with it.
  11. City – The city for the address.
  12. State – The state for the address.
  13. Zip Code – The zip code for the address.
  14. Notes – A brief note about the employee/contractor for internal purposes.
*Note* When uploading employee/contractor, most people only fill out the required fields and email addresses to save time
See the example below:

As described in the list above, a few items must exist already in CleanTelligent before they can be used in the import sheet. They are the Level, Division and Position.

Import Process

Once your Excel file is filled and saved to your computer, it can be imported into CleanTelligent. Start on the Employees/Contractors page and click Import Employees/Contractors just above the search results on the right side of the page.
You can also reach this page by clicking Import in the Other section on the Admin page, then clicking Import Employees/Contractors from the Import options list.
Click the Choose File button and locate the Excel file you just created. Make sure the check box next to Data has a Header Row is checked. Click Upload in the top right corner.
The drop-down selections will automatically select the matching columns. Double check that they each match, then click Continue.
If you get an error message, please read the troubleshooting section of this article.
If there are no errors, your data will be shown to you on the next screen as an example of how it will look. 
If everything looks correct, click Import Contacts to finalize the process of importing your new contacts. 
There are times when an import template may have mistakes or the necessary information isn’t in the system yet. Times like this, you’ll see an error like the one below.
These error messages will describe in detail what information is incorrect like Division/Level, or Positions that don’t exist, including which rows of your spreadsheet to find the errors in. When importing, these things must be in CleanTelligent first and must match exactly both case size and spelling.
When the error comes up, it’s good practice to get a screen shot or copy the text on the screen so you can keep track of what errors you need to fix before trying the upload again.
To fix an error, check your Excel spreadsheet first for spelling or mismatching errors before creating new data in your system. If the error is caused because an item isn’t in the system, then create it.
After all errors have been fixed, start the upload process again by starting at the Import Employee/Contractors screen. For more help if you continue to get the error message, please contact Support at 801-874-3443 or email

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