Inspection Reports Overview

Inspection Reports Overview

Video Transcript

There are many different reports in CleanTelligent that help you see your data. In this video, we’ll briefly show you some of the Inspection Reports.
You can find all these reports by clicking on the Reports tab. The first section has the reports that pull Inspection information. Each report offers different views and benefits.
When it comes to seeing information on one single inspection, the Inspection Summary, Inspection Report – Details Only, or the Quality Inspection Report are good choices. For example, in the Inspection Summary, you’ll see the final score, top and bottom areas, notes, and the service breakdown. 
Sometimes you want to compare average scores over time. These average inspection scores reports compile the scores into daily or monthly averages and compare them by date or service location. These reports make good alternatives for the Dashboard reports that Clients cannot see.
Other reports, like the Recent Inspection Score by Service Location report, will show you the scores without averaging them. This report is also helpful when you need to see if certain locations haven’t been inspected recently, or if you want to see if certain locations are not meeting standards.
You can increase transparency and trust with your clients by giving them access to these various reports. Giving your team access to these reports also helps them with management and accountability. For more details on other inspection reports, read the accompanying article.

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