Inspection Template Types

Inspection Template Types

What Are Inspection Template Types?

A basic inspection will only require one type of template assigned to the service location, the Job Template. This assigns the services to be scored during an inspection. (see Create a Job Template) But the inspection can be customized even further by breaking down a location into sublocations and sections, usually as floors and rooms (see Create a Sublocation/Section Template) and you can assign the services from the job template to those sublocations and sections by leveraging a Sublocation Service Assignment Template, SSA for short (see Create a Sublocation Service Assignment Template). Additionally, you can add custom questions to an inspection to gather more details without needing to score it during the inspection (see Custom Questions for Inspections).

The Inspection Template Type will combine any number of Job Templates, SSA Templates, and or Custom Question Templates for use at a location during an inspection. You can assign multiple types of Inspection Templates and select between the types of inspections before performing the inspection. This is useful if you have certain questions you need to be answered at certain times of the day or different services scored at different times of the year. 

A great example of this would be peak-season cleaning vs. off-season cleaning for a resort or hotel.

Creating a new Inspection Template Type

To create a new Inspection template Type, do the following:
  1. Log into the website as an admin user.
  2. Click on the Admin tab in the main navigation.
  3. In the Job Configuration section of the page, click on Inspection Template Types
  4. On the Inspection Template Types search results page, click New Inspection Template Type at the top of the Search Results
  5. Give your template a name
  6. Select the Custom Question Templates, Sublocation Service Assignment Templates, and Job Templates you want as a part of this inspection type
  7. Click the Save button.
Note: the Origin is set to Local by default, meaning all the templates available to be assigned are created in this account. If your account is a child account of another service provider, then you can try and include templates from the parent account by either selecting All or Parent SPs as the Origin
Warning: If assigning the Sublocation Service Assignment Template (SSA Template) via an Inspection Template Type, you must also assign the appropriate Job Template (either in the inspection template type or separately on the service location) AS WELL AS the appropriate Sublocation/Section template. The Sublocation/Section template must be assigned directly to the service location record.

Assigning and Unassigning an Inspection Template Type

Assigning/Unassigning to/from Multiple Locations at the Same Time

To assign/unassign the template to or from multiple locations at the same time, navigate to the template and click the assign button in either the search results or from the template information page seen below.

Either way you get to it, you will have up to two lists on the assignment page. The first list, which shows up only if there are locations the template is already assigned, where you can select locations to remove the template from. The second list shows all the locations you can assign the template to.

Select the appropriate locations to assign or unassign the template to/from and then click the Save button at the top or bottom of the page.

Assigning/Unassigning to/from One Location at a Time

To assign an Inspection Template Type to a single location record, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the Service Location Record
  2. Scroll down to the Inspection Template Types area
  3. Click Assign next to the Inspection Template Types header 

  4. Find the Inspection Template Type you want to assign, click Assign next to the appropriate template, and click the OK button
To unassign an Inspection Template Type from a single location record, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the Service Location Record
  2. Scroll down to the Inspection Template Types area
  3. Click Remove next to the Inspection Template Type you wish to unassign from this location

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