Mobile Inspection Reports

Mobile Inspection Reports

Video Transcript

Today we are going to learn about Inspection Reports from the Mobile App. This feature is great for on-the-go individuals needing to see at-a-glance data on inspections being done at their locations. Here’s where you find it.
First pull up the locations list by tapping on Inspections from the App home screen and then navigate to the location in question. After tapping on the location name, you will see the information for that location. Normally this is where you would tap Do Inspection but today we are going to tap on View Reports.
From here you will see various on-the-go report types. For now, we are just going to worry about Past Inspections, so let’s tap on that. 
In the list that populates you will see all the inspections for that location sorted by date and time. Any reports that you already have downloaded on your device will have the right arrow next to their item, otherwise there will be a download icon in its place. Let’s tap on this inspection that we need to download first. After the inspection has downloaded, the icon changes to an arrow. Just tap the inspection again and you will have a simplified view of all the scores for the rated services in this inspection. You can filter the results up at the top or switch from the Services view to the Questions or Summary views.
Please note that this report is not able to be viewed anywhere but in the mobile app. For a printable or emailable PDF or Excel version, please visit CleanTelligent’s web-app and utilize the reports found there.

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