Perform a Mobile Inspection

Perform a Mobile Inspection

Video Transcript

Most inspections are done on-site, which means you’ll be using the mobile app. Here’s how to use the app to perform an inspection.
When you first log in to the mobile app, tap on the clipboard icon to do an inspection. You may want to pull the list down and release to refresh the app, making sure you have the latest information. Select the correct location from the list and tap Do Inspection.
Before the inspection starts, we’re given the option to select an area or just to see all the services together. For larger locations, it’s easier to start filtered to an area. We’ll start with the Entrance area. 
You can scroll through the inspection and add a score to each service listed, but to make the inspection go faster, you can use the Mark function. This applies one rating to every service in the filtered area, which we can change manually if we see something that’s better or worse than indicated.
When we’re finished with this area, we can move to the next by using the Filter option. Simply choose the next room from the list of areas.
The bottom of the screen shows several tabs. Custom questions show up under the Question tab.
To add notes to the inspection, tap the Notes tab and add your notes in one of the four boxes available, Client Notes, Inspector Notes, Plan of Action, or Internal Notes. From this screen, you can also mark the inspection as an internal inspection in situations where your client won’t need to see the results.
The Summary tab will show you a summary score of the inspection so far.
The final tab at the bottom of the screen is the Sign Off tab. This is where you’ll submit your inspection. You can add signatures as well. Tap Save and Complete to finish your inspection.
If, for some reason, one or more services were skipped and left unscored during the inspection, you’ll have three options before you finish: mark unrated services as Not Applicable, mark them as the Default rating for your account, or mark the inspection as Partial if you intend to come back and finish it later. We’ll select Not Applicable.
Now the inspection will be uploaded into CleanTelligent, where you can review the data and use it in your reporting.

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