Set Up External Email Settings

Set Up External Email Settings


Setting up external email addresses allows for contact users to send in work orders via email as opposed to logging in to the system. Only active contacts or HR users can send in external emails.

To generate an external email address, you will click on the Admin tab, scroll down to the Work Order Configuration category, and select External Email Settings. Here you will see a list of all the service locations. You may also see a list of Message Types that are assigned to each location. (If you don’t see any message types, you can skip ahead a little.)

The checkboxes under Client will create a contact user external email address. The checkboxes under Service Provider will create an HR user external email address. I’ll show you where to find these email addresses in a moment. For now, simply click the checkbox next to which message types you want to assign to the work orders being emailed in. Make sure to select a Contact recipient on the far right who should be able to see those work orders. Then click Save.

Once saved, simply go to the user’s profile and scroll to the Service Location Emails box. The external email address will appear next to the name of the service location. Each service location email can only be used by one user and will only create work orders for one location. Once this user sends in an email and if the email addresses match, it will generate a new work order.

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