Setup a Mobile Survey

Setup a Mobile Survey

What Are they?

Mobile surveys are a way of taking anonymous feedback or requests from anyone with a cell phone and QR Code reader. They leverage our custom question templates and are assigned to a specific service location, sublocation, or section. To see how to create a custom question template, see our Custom Question Templates Overview article. For Information about the sublocation templates that can break down a service location into sublocations and sections, see our Create a Sublocation/Section Template article.

Create the Survey

The first thing you need to do is set up a custom question template. See the Custom Question Templates Overview for instructions on how to get that done. The important thing to remember while setting up the custom question template is to set it as a mobile survey in the View Under section, and then add your questions.

Assign the Survey

From the custom question template’s information page, or from the custom question template search page, any custom question template that has the Mobile Survey option listed above will have the action button to Mobile Survey Assignment. You can also click on Assign Mobile Survey above the search results on the Custom Question Template search page.

Clicking either of these links will bring you to the Assign Mobile Survey Templates page where you can select from your Mobile Survey Templates or your Custom Question Templates that have been set to viewed under mobile surveys and assign them to various Service Locations/Sublocations/Sections. Let’s go over each part of this tool in detail.

Mobile Survey Assignment Tool

Mobile Surveys vs Custom Questions

There are 2 types of templates that can be used when assigning mobile surveys. Mobile Survey templates, which combine multiple custom question templates together, and Custom Question Templates, which are the easier and more common method for creating and assigning mobile surveys. We recommend using custom question templates because the tool will still allow you to assign multiple custom question templates at the same time without having to take the extra step of creating a mobile survey template.

Template Selection Panel

On the left side of the assignment tool is the template selection panel. This panel is searchable and has a toggle at the bottom which will show you either the Mobile Survey Templates or the Custom Question Templates. By default, when you first load the page, Mobile Survey is selected. You can tell it is selected by the title at the top of the panel and by the dark blue tab at the bottom.

If you didn’t set up your custom question templates into a mobile survey template, you will want to click the light blue tab at the bottom to show the Custom Question Templates instead.

In either case, simply click the checkbox for the mobile survey template(s) or custom question template(s) you want to assign from this panel.

Service Location Selection Panel

On the right side of the assignment tool, you will see a list of all of your service locations. Those which have sublocation templates assigned will have a little arrow next to their checkbox. If you click this arrow, you will see any sublocations associated with the location. If any of the sublocations have sections assigned to them, there will be the same little arrow next to their checkbox that you can use to expand and see the sections. At each level, if you see a number next to the name of the Service Location, Sublocation, or Section then that means there are already mobile surveys assigned there. Expanding to that service location, sublocation, or section will show which surveys have already been assigned.

Once you’ve found the correct service location, sublocation, or section you want to assign the mobile survey to, click the checkbox next to it. You can select multiple service locations, sublocations, and sections at a time. For instance, if you wanted to assign a cleanliness survey to all lobbies, restrooms, and other public areas, you could go into the service location and select all the appropriate sublocations or sections before proceeding.

Filtering the Service Location Selection Panel

Sometimes, showing all the service locations can be a bit crowded and makes it easy to get lost in the tool. That’s why we have a Filter button at the top of this panel. When you click on this button, a prompt window pops up where you are able to filter by locations, sublocations, sections, and templates.

Assigning the Template

Once you have your mobile survey(s) or custom question(s) selected on the left and the service location(s), sublocations, and sections selected on the right, you are ready to click the large Assign button at the bottom of the tool. Doing this will automatically save your changes.

Unassigning Templates

Whether you are no longer using a specific sublocation template, or if you assigned it to the wrong service location, sublocation, or section, you will want to unassign it so it doesn’t show up when you scan that QR code. To do this, simply use the Unassign toggle at the bottom. This will allow you to select which templates you want to unassign and from where.

Once you do this, the Assign button will switch to an Unassign button and the left panel will be grayed out. Simply navigate through the right panel to the appropriate service location, sublocation, or section and select the template(s) you want to unassign.

Then Click the big Unassign button at the bottom. Doing this will save your changes.

Generate the QR Code

Once you have assigned the template, you will need to generate the Quick Response code, QR code for short. To do this, navigate to the Reports page and scroll to the bottom of the page. In the Other section, click on Quick Response Codes to be brought to our QR Codes Report. You can choose a PDF report which will have the codes with text showing which service location, sublocation, and section each code belongs to. You can also select to output the report as PNG files which will be stored in a Zipped folder system. The folder names will tell you the service locations, sublocations, and sections. 

For internal use we find that the PDF format is easiest, you can have your employees take the codes while they go around the service locations and scan where they are really easy. 
For use on flyers, posters, or marketing materials, we recommend using the PNG format since it is easiest to add into another document for use in printing.
Once you have printed out the QR codes you simply scan them with a smartphone and the mobile survey questions will load.

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