What are Custom Dashboards?

What are Custom Dashboards?


This video will discuss how to create custom dashboard templates. In this process, you will create a dashboard that is based on pre-made dashboard templates that CleanTelligent Software has provided you in the system. Remember, the dashboard is made up of several little dashlets, or reports, that give you the information you need to help streamline your quality control.

To create a new template, click on the folder that is also located in the top right corner of the dashboard. When the menu opens, click the Plus button, and then create a Personal Collection. This is where all of your new dashboards will be stored. After the Personal Collection is created, go to Dashboard Templates. From here, choose the type of dashboard you want to create, which can include InspectionsWork Orders, or a combination of the two. Hover over the template you want and click the Clone button. Doing so will allow you to edit your dashboard.

Now, click the Edit button in the top right corner and open your dashboard templates. Move the new Copy of template you just created from Dashboard Templates to your collection. We ask you to do this because CleanTelligent updates the templates from time to time, and we edit all items within the Dashboard Templates folder. By moving this to your Personal Collection, it ensures that we don’t make any changes to your dashboard, or delete it entirely.

From here, we will discuss how to edit individual dashlets or reports, and add new dashlets or filters. Click on a dashlet and you will see an Edit button in the middle of the dashlet, as well as a menu on the top of the dashboard. This menu at the top allows you to customize the border, colors, boldness, and overall look of the dashlet.

You can click on the dashlet and move it around by dragging and dropping it where you want. You can also make the dashlet larger or smaller by holding down on the border and moving it around.

Now let’s explore the Edit button in the center of the dashlet. Click on the Edit button to access a few different options. This first icon allows you to edit dashlet properties. From here, you can rename the dashlet, see what type of report is showing, see where information is being pulled, export report data, and apply filters to the report. You may also add a description about the dashlet, if you wish. You can delete this dashlet entirely by pressing the Trash icon.

If you want to add any new dashlet to this dashboard, you can click on the Plus button at the top. Once the menu opens, click on Existing Report. From here, you can add a report that we have created and put it on the dashboard you are editing.

Finally, let’s explore adding a filter to the dashboard. Click on the Filters button here, and then click Manage. Select the type of filter you want and drag it from the menu into the dashboard. Here you can resize it and move it where you want it located on the dashlet.

Once you are done editing your dashboard, click Publish and you have successfully created a custom dashboard from a template.

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