What is Visualizer?

What is Visualizer?


If you’d like to be able to view dashboards with data you want to see, you can now build your own dashboards using Visualizer. With this tool, you’ll be able to create custom dashlets and dashboards using the data you care most about, in the way you want to see it.

This video will be a brief introduction to Visualizer and its capabilities. To get to Visualizer, hover over the Dashboard tab and click Visualizer. This will bring up several buttons and options to drag onto the blank white section and build your custom dashboard.

But first, you’ll need to choose what type of report this will be. For this video, we’ll build a simple report showing number of inspections by month, and that should make a decent column report.

Click on the magic wand at the top right corner and click on the Column option. Once you do this, it will show that you need to add a Measure and Attribute or Category. To clarify, Measures are quantifiable figures, and Attributes are categories like month and date. The measure in this case would be # of Inspections.

To the left, you should see Customer RecordsInspectionsOther, and Work Orders. If you click on Inspections, you’ll see the option for # of Inspections in the list. Drag and drop that over the Measurestab. Part of the graph should pop up on the right. Next, we’ll drag over a Category, which will be Month. To find this option, click on the Search button and type in Month. Then, drag that over the Category tab.

Now we have our very basic report showing us how many inspections we’re doing over time at a quick glance. You can add more complex analytics and customize your chart formatting with these options in the gray bar, but we’ll finalize this by clicking Save and adding it to our personal collection.

Now this will report will be available to add to your own custom dashboard!

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