Work Orders Overview

Work Orders Overview

Video Transcript

Welcome to CleanTelligent’s overview to the Work Order system. You will find work orders under the Work Order tab. The Work Order system functions like an email system, in that you can communicate with your employees and clients by sending and receiving messages.

This section we are in is called the Work Order Inbox. There are a few features in the system that automatically generate a work order for you. The work orders you will likely see most often are from completed inspections. Other areas that generate work orders automatically are Surveys and Job Scheduling.

In the Inbox you can change the status of the work order while it is in progress or once it’s completed. You can also hover over Actions and add an internal note, close out the work order without completing it, reply to the work order, forward the work order, and print the work order.

By going to Advanced Filters and selecting History, we can see all open and completed work orders, giving us a comprehensive view of everything we have done in the work order system. If you want to see only work orders that are not completed, simply hover over Advanced Filters and click Inbox.

Thank you for watching this simplified overview of Cleantelligent’s Work Order system.

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